Thursday, February 26, 2015


Terrorists Not Monsters
Just Confused Young Men Who Need More Education
There’s Nothing Obama Can Do
By Koi Germany
BRONX, NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 26- Co­-op City shareholders, speaking out on ISIS and its threat to Western Civilization, reacted in a variety of ways when they were recently interviewed.
Some of those questioned called the ISIS terrorists “monsters,” while others focused on the need to reeducate young Muslims.
As shareholder Peggy Sarvis stated, it starts with “young, confused people.”
And with the terrorists continuing to resort to brazen displays of violence, shareholders were asked about how they believed the President is handling the situation.
“He can only do so much,” shareholder Charles Aponte stressed. “Muslim countries need to unite and chip in; the United States can only do so much.”
Terry Richardson, a long­t-ime shareholder agreed, stating, “The President’s hands are tied. He can’t change the attitudes of those in the Middle East.”
The issue of homegrown terrorism was also broached as shareholders took a firm stand on the matter.
“It is something we should be concerned about as well,” opined Marcus Minott.
With the issue becoming more pressing, there is a call for action on the part of the people, to do something to halt ISIS’s reign of terror.
“I just think they need to be terminated,” Phyllis Hairston­Talley conveyed. “President Obama has
a nation to think about.”
Koi Germany is a sophomore at Hunter College and a long­time resident of Co­-op City.
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