Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Target Practice

Target Practice
Passing Drivers Just Target Practice at Bronxdale Houses
By David Greene
BRONX, NEW YORK, MARCH 2- Police say a passing motorist was a live moving target for an armed individual outside of the Bronxdale Houses in Soundview.
At 3:20 p.m. on March 1, a female driver reported that the back window of her SUV was shot out as she drove down Beach Avenue where the incident took place.
One police official stated, "We didn't find a bullet, so we think it was a B.B. gun or pellet gun that was used.”
"Whoever did this," the official continued, "was apparently just taking target practice.”
The unidentified victim was not injured and after a friend assisted her with covering the back window with a tarp, she was able to continue her journey.
The unidentified friend said the woman was too shaken up to speak about the incident.
The Soundview section is patrolled by the 43rd Precinct. According to statistics released by the NYPD, the area had five shootings reported in the first seven weeks of 2015, unchanged from the previous year.
Officials could not immediately provide any additional details on the incident or the assailant.
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